Introducing – Graphix Creator

GraphixCreator by Digital Business Lounge – is a brand new application for Premium DBL members, that will enable you to create a rich cover for any eBook or software application of yours, in a quick and elegant way.

Using the provided interface, it doesn’t take up more than five minutes to create a cover from scratch. It is all a mere question of choosing a cover template, picking a background from the many that are available (or uploading one of you very own), and then proceeding to customise it.

You can add graphics and apply effects to the image – you can flip it, and blur it, change the contrast. Of course, you can add your custom text to it too!

To see this software in action check out the video demonstration above with DBL Co-Founder, Stuart Ross.

You can sign up for GraphixCreator right now here!

  • Martin cannon

    Very nice ! Thank you guys for yet another brilliant tool

  • C Steve Greenhalgh

    Sweet what a great anniversary Present Thanks Stuart Great job, I love the library, looking so cool Kin Awesome

  • Bruno Buergi

    Thank you Stuart. This is awesome.

  • Nicole Brodie Nahum

    very cool!!

  • David Henshall

    Another awesome marketing tool from an awesome company.

  • Bryan


  • John Michael Lichtenberger

    Outstanding tool with major added value and benefits, looking forward to using it & greatly appreciated! TY Stuart. ;>)

  • cve4me

    Wow What a head rush. Makes my fingers tingle just wanting to use it.

  • Sandra Lemming

    So super excited. This tool is going to save me so much time. Yay no more fluffing about with 1,2,3,4,5 different apps and programs at a time just to get one graphic right for use on my blog, website, lead pages and so much more. Doing the marketers backflip right now :)

  • Linda Nicholas

    Wow – sums up an amazing tool! It is inspiring me to make up my first lead page, so exciting! I take my hat off to all concerned in creating such a brilliant piece of technology. The Graphix Creator gives a totally professional finish but also looks like fun to use. Ah SFM/DBL you’ve done it again! 😉

  • KimHardin

    Love this! Thank you! :)

  • Cat PAYEN

    <3 Wowie, Sandra's doing marketer's backflip, others are bending over backwards in thanks, I can but add to their grace in gratitude for your work Stuart Ross – not forgetting the tech team that listens to our feedback making it so so simple to use! The really added bonus is that the red carpet never gets worn thin, time and time again you roll it out for your mentees, students… I bless the day I joined so long ago, and shall always be here to use the amazing tools you create for us. Thanks, gratitude, love and joy to all of the #SFM #DEA … Sorry can't stop the love and gratitude flowing!!!

  • Yvonne Patrick

    THIS IS BRILLIANT!! Thank you Stuart and the incredible team behind this. For someone who is not very Tech savvy, this tool is going to save me so much time and money – especially now that I can get the professional look I want by doing it myself. Forever grateful for the incredible tools you continue to provide us. Can’t WAIT to use it!!