Things to consider when creating your landing pages

With Simple Lead Capture, we have taken most of the headache away from the technical aspect of creating optimised and high converting Landing pages. However there is still a few things to consider to ensure you are getting the very most out of your landing pages and converting as much of your hard earned traffic as possible. Here is a checklist of things to keep in mind:


Within SLC we have many different page layouts or “templates” we also constantly add to this library. Although all of our templates have been created and tested with conversions in mind, different templates serve different purposes and will convert better with certain products and content. So how to decide? The first things you need to consider is your offer and the content that goes along with it. For example. If your offer is very straight forward like “100 tennis balls for the price of 10” then you can select a very clean, simple template as everyone will know what tennis balls are. You can simply have an image. some text and a buy now button. If you have a more complicated offer perhaps you are looking to gain subscribers to a webinar in which you will be discussing a specific weight loss technique you will need to offer a little more information. A highly effective method of this would be to select a template that suits having a video and perhaps a few bullet points to underpin the main points of your video.

If you have a product or offer that is quite complex but you do  not have a video to go with it. You may want to opt for the sales letter template. This template will allow you to effectively convey larger amounts of written content whilst maintaining strong conversions.

Due to the way we have formatted SLC the templates are all highly customisable, you will be able to change the background images, text, colours and styles so when selecting a template try not to get to hung up on the cosmetics, instead look at which layout will best help enhance your offer or promotion based on the content you are looking to display on the page.

Written Content

The content you have for your Landing page will be one of the largest factors as too it’s success. The first thing you want to do is make sure your offer is clearly communicated. Use of bullet points can quickly and easily display the strong selling points of your offer. Try and consider what the most appealing aspects of your offer are, note them down and select the top 6-8 and use them for your bullet points. It is important to have your pages proof read, if you are anything like me then you will make a lot of spelling mistakes while getting stuck into your message. Have someone independently read over your page for errors. Having glaring spelling and grammar errors on your page can really devalue your offer. Some landing pages that use video may need very little or no written content. When you do have written content it’s also useful to try and stick to the rule what is the least amount of words I can use to effectively and professionally communicate my offer.


Your Landing page, as the name suggests can often be the very first port of call for your business or service. This will often be the very first time people have seen your offering so this is a fantastic opportunity to lay the first seeds of a congruent brand. Branding is made up of a few key elements but one of the main ones is consistency. Consistency of colours, images and also phrasing and content. As you will want to keep your message consistent throughout your marketing funnel make sure you kick things off with the correct tone on the landing page. Logo’s are also a very useful tool in underpinning a recognisable presence to your visitors and subscribers so don’t miss the opportunity to display it on your landing page. If you don’t have a logo, it’s not an issue you can create one within GraphixCreator as I demonstrated in this tutorial.

It can be very easy to get caught up in the information you are displaying on your landing page and how it will convert and missing the opportunity to enforce your brand.


Video can be the difference as to wether your page converts or not, but contrary to popular belief not always for the better. Often video can be damaging to your conversions, however done correctly and with the correct corresponding offer, it can be a huge boost to your campaign.

Quite often wether you have a video on your page or not will be dictated by the type of thing you have on offer but here is a few things to bare in mind.

Keep it concise

Now the first thing I will point out here is that concise doesn’t have to be short. If you have a lot of good quality offer-relevant information to communicate then a longer video is fine, just ensure that the video hasn’t been padded out with waffle and any information that is not needed. If your video goes for longer then necessary or starts repeating the same information, it is likely you will lose the attention of your potential customer/subscriber. If you are shooting a video with you talking to camera. Make sure you are clear on the points you want to cover, plan the video carefully make sure it is structured and ends with a call to action.

Sound is king

although having nice crisp HD quality video is a nice plus and is easy on the eye. Also if you are showing off a physical product, you will want your audience to see it clearly. Testing has shown time and time again that bad audio will reduce your conversions a rapid rate, if your sound is too quiet or the quality of the sound is really low. It will give people a bad experience and prevent them from taking action. You are better off with no video then a video that people struggle to hear or understand.


The video host that you use for your videos can be a big factor in how well the video loads, plays and displays. We would recommend using wither YouTube of Vimeo to host your videos before you add them to your Landing pages. This will allow optimum performance. Again if someone is waiting for your video to buffer they are likely to move on before it does and you would have been better off with no video at all and clearly displayed info. Don’t forget if you want to adjust the look, controls etc of your video you can upload it to YouTube and then use our YourTube Player to customise it to suit your landing page requirements, you can remove the time bar add autoplay and also customise the look etc.

Thank You Page

The initial goal of a landing page is to encourage the visitor to take an action before leaving the page, wether it be to enter an email address, download a document or make a purchase. However it is also important not to start your celebrations at this point and put some time and consideration into the “thank you page.”

The thank you page is the page that your visitors will be taken to after they have taken the action displayed on your page, hence the name thank you page i.e thank you for taking action. The thank you page is also an excellent opportunity to further your relationship with your new subscriber/customer. Perhaps consider thanking them and offering them a further deal or a surprise freebie. You can also use the thank you page to offer them more in depth information about your business or service, now they have committed to taking an action you don’t have to worry so much about gaining instant attention and can go into a little more depth as they have already shown an active interest into your offering.

But, don’t get caught up in your second offer and  forget to thank, manners cost nothing.

Follow Up

With SLC’s latest update it is very easy to link your landing page to your auto-responder. So I would highly advise you do this. To be as successful with your online venture as possible you should be maximising every opportunity at your disposal. Having an effective follow up series of emails to further communication between you and your new customer/subscriber is a very effective tool in scaling your business. If you rely in just sending our sporadic e-mails to your list you will find there are many opportunities missed.

An initial e-mail thanking them for their subscription/purchase and offering them some further information, links etc should be your first automatic follow up, from then it will be dependent on your business/service.

Make sure your follow up e-mails are written and in-place before you begin marketing your shiny new landing page.

Once you have these elements together you are almost ready to start converting!

The last step I would suggest is setting up your Funnel this is an easy step within SLC. Click on the Funnel tab, select the landing page you want to track and the thank you page you are wanting it to use, now your pages will be linked automatically. Not only that but you will be able to keep an eye on how well your new marketing funnel is performing with stats on how many visitors and how many conversions you have had. .

Now you are ready to roll.


  • Kathleen McKay

    Thank for for the insights, I really appreciate and will put them to practice and commit them to memory!