A Quicktime dime saver

In the online game, tools that assist us an help us deliver value and content are priceless… and in this case it’s quite literally price-less!

Many people look for software to create screen recordings for demo’s, tutorials and content. Programmes like Camtasia and Screenflow have since dominated this market.

But little to people know their i s a free option lurking amongst your free software.

That free option is Quicktime!

Here is how to use it:

First ensure you have a fairly recent version of Quicktime

Then find it among your applications – these screenshots are from a Mac:



Step 1

STEP 2 – Select “file” and “New screen recording”

Step 2


Step 3 – Click the red record button

Step 3


Step 4 – Select the area of your screen you wish to record

Step 4


Step 5- Hit Start Record

Step 5


Step 6 – When finished it may be unclear how to stop the recording. If you closely in the top right hand corner of the screen (even though it is grey’d out) you will see a square within a circle (a stop button) this will end your recording.

Step 6


 Final Tip 

Regarding the audio part of this, If you do not have a built in Mic or if the quality is poor use your smart phone headphones (Usually they will have a built in Mic) this will increase the audio quality of your voice over.


Happy recording!