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WordPress Training: Introduction to categories

Within WordPress there is a whole host of functionality to improve your website and it’s success. One of the features that is the most widely mis-used or under used is the categories feature. This video will demonstrate how to use the categories feature properly. For more advanced category training watch this video: CLICK HERE 

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A Quicktime dime saver

In the online game, tools that assist us an help us deliver value and content are priceless… and in this case it’s quite literally price-less! Many people look for software to create screen recordings for demo’s, tutorials and content. Programmes like Camtasia and Screenflow have since dominated this market. But little to people know their

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Using your own Images as graphics – GraphixCreator

Part of the beauty of GraphixCreator is just how flexible it is. GraphixCreator really gives you the chance to have a bit of fun with your marketing, communications and also personal media. A great demonstration of this is the ability to use your own photographs and images to create banners, postcards backgrounds and more. You can

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Creating Slides | DBL

Having sliders on your WordPress homepage or within your content can add a dynamic and effective element to your website. Not to mention adding to the look and feel off your blog or site. Creating these slides however isn’t always so easy. In this tutorial we show you how you can use the tools available

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Formatting Featured Images

Ensuring your featured images on your WordPress posts are uniform, attractive and sized properly can be a difficult task. However it is an important one. Featured images can really improve the look and feel of your site. They can also have an adverse effect if they are not created and styled properly. This tutorial will

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Creating Logo’s using GraphixCreator

A logo is the cornerstone of branding. We are all aware of that. However it can be costly and time consuming. Especially if you just want to try out some ideas or split test some new logo’s. Here is an example of just how quickly and easily you can use GraphixCreator  and DBL to create quick,

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Creating awesome web forms with GraphixCreator

Getting your web forms to look customised, convert well and communicate the correct message can be a real struggle. Here is a tutorial that shows you how you can combine the Digital Business Lounge tools, GraphixCreator, Smart Media Library and Divi theme. Along with Aweber, to create custom, good looking web forms.

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