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WordPress Training: Introduction to categories

Within WordPress there is a whole host of functionality to improve your website and it’s success. One of the features that is the most widely mis-used or under used is the categories feature. This video will demonstrate how to use the categories feature properly. For more advanced category training watch this video: CLICK HERE 

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Using your own Images as graphics – GraphixCreator

Part of the beauty of GraphixCreator is just how flexible it is. GraphixCreator really gives you the chance to have a bit of fun with your marketing, communications and also personal media. A great demonstration of this is the ability to use your own photographs and images to create banners, postcards backgrounds and more. You can

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Things to consider when creating your landing pages

With Simple Lead Capture, we have taken most of the headache away from the technical aspect of creating optimised and high converting Landing pages. However there is still a few things to consider to ensure you are getting the very most out of your landing pages and converting as much of your hard earned traffic

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Creating Logo’s using GraphixCreator

A logo is the cornerstone of branding. We are all aware of that. However it can be costly and time consuming. Especially if you just want to try out some ideas or split test some new logo’s. Here is an example of just how quickly and easily you can use GraphixCreator  and DBL to create quick,

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What is a WordPress Theme?

When creating a website, the best place to start, is.. the start. After you have installed your wordpress website. One of the first things you need to get to grips with is themes. What are they and what do they do. This video will give you an introduction to WordPress themes.

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